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Thursday, April 16, 2009

~*beach holiday destination suggestions wanted!

Whoa... the last entry was more than a month ago. Lazy me... tsk tsk. Anyways, a lil update here, the lump in my throat has been reduced to a tiny, not so noticeable little bump since the last time my neck got poked. So, yay!

I've started my personal training couple of weeks back and end up with muscle injuries afterwards. Last week the trainer got me doing arm strength exercises, and I end up with a very painful elbow that goes on until I had to take medication. And then, a couple of days back he got me doing leg strength exercises and I end up limping on one leg the day after and in bed almost the whole day the 2nd day after - a second course of medication followed. And if my trainer continue saying that it's because I am too "soft" thus the injuries, I am going to shove my new Nikes into his blardy mouth... seriously. Now I regret taking up this idiot as trainer. Damn.

Bali is about a month away... can't wait. Will be staying here the first 3days with the parents, and then the last 2 days with the girls, not sure where but it sure won't be as pretty as this one. Sigh... hehe...

After Bali, I am planning for another beach vacation. I know, I know, I sound greedy right? but it's for my birthday, you see. It's been 2 years since I "celebrated" the birthday thingy in KL, so it's time to get away this year. hehe... ok I know I know, still sound/seem greedy after the explanation and yea, it's just an excuse for another vacation... so what... :p Anyways, I would love to revisit the fullmoon party beach but the direct flight there is too pricey and other islands/beaches are not as appealing as this one, sigh... so, still looking...


  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger Loke said…

    desaru? pulai spring resort?

    glad to hear u r still alive!!



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