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Thursday, June 18, 2009

~*it's a Pass!

Remember the little course we went to a couple of months back? Well... we were all a bunch of nerves waiting for the results... and finally... after the long long wait... we got it today... AND we Passed!!! We all passed! Ok, not like I was really concerned for other people :p but yay la...

Work has been the same old mundane madhouse, I guess, and especially since my tiny little study project started. Learned quite a bit from this, and been in and out of meetings as if that's my KPI. Also, I've experience flying off somewhere for meetings and back in the same day, which I have found to be quite extravagant to say the least. And waking up early and bloody damn tiring aside, it was indeed an experience. Pardon the jakunness :p

On the love front, well, it is going... at a slow and steady pace, I would say... how else would it go when both not physically together? So, as tough as it has been, it is going pretty well.

Oh... a bit of vacay news... in exactly 1 month from today, we will be off for some tubing fun in the sun! :) yup... river tubing to be exact! Woo hooo.....! Oh before that, also waiting for the next trip, just before tubing adventure, to Roomie's hometown to do my hair. Her stylist has been doing a good job on her and the sis, so I thought I'll pay a visit, since I am freaking out of idea for the messiness on my head! Oh, I am going back to curly curlssss....

So. Can't. Wait.


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