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Saturday, June 20, 2009

~*it's beginning to feel like... a chore. That's what!

I am talking about the concerts, that's what. The joy of that peanut-ish job is turning into more of a chore these days, and even more so today at the debriefing session after the a full morning of concerts (2 of them!).

Yes, a lot of things needed improvement, especially And mainly for those who's been there for ages but still clueless (by choice I would say!)... well ok, some of the newer ones are also pretty common sense-less and definitely not up to expectation, but improvement aside, the whole feel of the place is no longer the same. Gone are the carefree days where we actualy enjoy doing it, while doing a good job, or at least as what is expected of us. The complains today were plainly daft, and the reactions were insincere and feels downright fake. But I especially cannot stand the so call leads who points out others' 'glaring mistakes' when they themselves may be even worse or more guilty of that same mistake.

Don't get me wrong, it's not a case of leads vs the non leads, cos I am also one of the leads. Sigh... apparently for te new season, before signing the yearly contract, we'll all go through a 3 months probation. And I was thinking... 3 months probation and then What? Confirm us? No contract for us? What??? Stupid new management. Stupid new arrogant head. Stupid people for sucking the joy out of my part time bacon. Sigh...

Ah well... was going to say, on to happier things, but can't find anything that makes my heavy heart leap out of this current mood. Damn. Shall go grab a drink... laters...


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