~*because i got high....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

~*on the path to recovery...

physically that is. I am feeling much better compared to the last couple of days in bed with the big bad bug. But mentally...ekh, same old same old and until I get what I want... nay, deserve! (thank you Barney Stinson, I love you so!) Oh yea, until I get what I deserve in life, the good things only, tqvm, I think my mental state will pretty much be bouncing back and forth between whiny and depressive... ok, to be fair, the occasional 'happy days' too.

Sigh. Maybe I need to open my eyes to see the good things and be more appreciative... maybe someone need to open them for me. That is actually a scary thought literally. Maybe I should just be more thankful(?)... or maybe I should just eff it. I think effing it sounds more appealing right now.

On a more positive note, apparently this ol diary of mine just made... wait for it... RM... wait for it... 0.25! Haha... and I only need another RM 49.75 before i get paid. Hahaha... nice.


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