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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~*ways to terminate oneself....??

... and that was the conversation on a Tuesday morning, not even half way through the week. Apparently I am quite an expert on the subject matter and roomie was quite impressed, but said if one day the method was used, I shouldn't feel guilty about it. :p Dunno if many people talks about such topics as lightly but when you're depressed... you're depressed.

Yea, I know, we're always depressed. When things comes crashing in waves... you will get beaten down, but good thing is, after a rant, maybe a couple of drinks afterwards or whatever, it numbs the crash... somewhat. Doesn't make it go away totally, but numbs... lessen... distracts.

How cool will it be to be able to be in the shoes of those people wandering the corners of our earth without a care in the world, except for where to go and what to eat next. Yes we call that vacation, but some people call that life. Or to be in the shoes of those who actually love their jobs, can't wait to be at work, and derives such satisfaction/fulfillment from there. How much better life would be if we can have simpler minds and just able to accept that this is it to life - work in a job you don't have the motivation to wake up to, or can't wait to get home from - like clockwork zombie, plan some trips away some time, and repeat that for the rest of your life. How nice... but, don't think can bring myself to wish for that. So suffer I shall... and whine I will... I guess.

Totally unrelated - you know how people always say if men of a certain age, say 40s, who are single are bound to come with some defects? I think I might want to agree to that, especially men of certain age, who's single and never been married. If you look real close, you might see "issues with commitment" flashing on their forehead... if you can take away the altered lenses you're wearing when in love, long enough to see that. Sigh.


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