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Friday, May 30, 2008

~*Tagged: Workstation blab...

Ok, so Ms Dandelion tagged us and we had to do this cube description thingy, with pics and all. So there I was, happily snapping some pics to upload here. And lo, I just remember. I am supposed to be "anonymous". This ranting board of mine is supposed to be just that, a place to rant and bitch. I can't be that comfortable doing that if my true identify is revealed openly (haha, i know, as if the people who reads this blog don't already know who I am). So I figured, this is one tag that I cannot fulfill entirely. Sorry Ms Princess Dandelion dear, no pics, but you all know my cube looks very clean and nice right now, right? Hehe...

Ok, still, a bit of description, I have more than 1 pc, and really contemplating giving up the other one since I haven't even touched the other on for quite some time now but I like that it works like a wall for one side of my cube. Weird, I know. I have some ridiculously cute desktop ornaments (which does not necessarily reflect my "advanced" years, but I display them cos they were gifts!). I was just counting how many cups, water tumbler and shakers I have and realized, I just lost my small coffee cup :( First my spoon, now my cup, and my spoons are not the very cheap ones. Damn.

Anyways, one last thing about my cube is, I have a drawer full of coffee and coco drinks, protein shakes, cup noodles and biscuits. Yes, I'll be quite alright if ever I am trapped in the baconshop for a couple of days. Ok... I am done.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

~*to tag or not to tag?

I think I'll get on to the workstation tag by Ms Princess Dandelion in the next entry ler, alright?

Anyways, it's been 3 weeks or so since my going under the knive thingy. Everything seems fine. I can breathe through my nose with ease now, it's not completely healed but good enough. Touch wood and thank God. The thingy behind my ears still kinda hurt, not sure why though, but hopefully it's just because it needs more time to recover from the stitches. Yups, overall, good job Doc.

Oh, just missed out on another tiny thing, just a few days after the surgeries, I got infected by the pox. Chicken pox that is. Now that was NOT fine. It was horrible. I looked horrible. I felt horrible. It wasn't so much the pain, but the discomfort was pure hell. For me, chicken pox is definitely something I would only want for my worst enemy. Seriously. I had pox all over my head (yea hidden in my hair! Gross, right?), all over my face, and my whole torso. Ewww and ouch, but thankfully, not sure if it was my diligence in pill popping (every 3 freaking hours!), but the itching wasn't much of a problem for me. Everyone was saying that the itch is the worst, but I experience very little itching actually. Plus, apparently I healed quite fast, especially my face. So THANK GOD FOR THAT!!!

Oh, there's another thingy after all that medical drama the last few weeks, but I will not go into that, hehe... no point further grossing u guys out, but I am still on antibiotics for that and really hope to God that this is it. The last health ordeal for now. I know I am tough and all (haha), but enough medical drama for now, don't you think?