~*because i got high....

Monday, April 30, 2007

~* them Good Charlotte in KL ...

ooh... I am posting in bed... a luxury I seldom have.
I made banana cupcakes today! I know how to use the oven mode on the microwave today!
Yay me!
You would not believe the effort and time spent, NOT on the process of making & baking, but SHOPPING for tray linings!!! I went all over around the area nearby parents' for hours, and still did not manage to find the right sized tray lining for my cupcakes. Had to finally settle for the mini ones. Good thing the cakes turn out not bad for a sophomore effort.
That I can be quite proud of. Parents actually liked it :D hehe...
The decorating however, needs more work/practise. Need to go get the proper piping tools and colors. Can't wait to make some Nightmare before Christmas cupcakes - black colored topping with white drawings should look cool! Hopefully can make those for Small Lan's birthday next week...woo hoo...

Unrelated story - Pimpy's off to Macau today. Can't wait for my own trip. Just got to wait a couple of months more.

Hmm... time really flies, eh - it's already the 5th month of the year.. well, tomorrow... you know what I mean...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

~*bad day...

I am in an extremely bad mood. You would not want to mess with me today, like seriously. I have no idea why. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or what, I dunno. I am just pissy!

Started of with feeling really depressed, and after a stupid stupid conversation with the call center staff of some stupid local bank here, I am now just pissy.

I work in customer support. I was in the call center before, and I am usually nice to the call center staffs, but today I snap! I believe there was mention of why was she disagreeing with me since I am her bank's customer... or somewhere along the line.
Yea, I was not in the mood for lame excuses for not even trying to assist me on my queries.

Pissed pissed pissed! Not at the bitch, but at the way I am feeling right now...
Post menstrual stress perhaps?

I am just gonna go stare at my Good Charlotte pics...

Monday, April 23, 2007

~*Good Charlotte...

If I die today, I would probably be alright with it. I've seen just my second favorite band in the world (yea yea, I can be that shallow sometimes, so sue me.)

The bands that I really REALLY wanted to see were Linkin Park and Good Charlotte. Saw LP a couple of years back... that was AWESOME, and finally saw Good Charlotte last Saturday night!!!
It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E And we got upgraded to VIP section!!!
I can see their faces and billy prancing on stage clearly.
What more could a girl ask for??? Well... ok, taking billy home would be the ultimate bomb, but I ain't greedy :p

Anyways, I am just thrilled that my concerts wish list has all been fulfilled now! (fat chance of Switchfoot ever coming here, so... yea...complete!)

Will upload some vids of the concert later, but for now some pics of the guys here, I posted 2 since I can't decide which of Billy's pics look more enticing...
Love love love that boy...

Friday, April 20, 2007

~*bye bye baby...

It IS time for you to go and you should, actually... but, that doesn't mean we won't be missing you...

Monday, April 16, 2007

~*I wanna be a rockstar... I guess...

Ok, this is what I actually wanted to write about.
So, we were at this bar last Friday night, the ol folk's playground place. There was this band playing. A foreign band. The lead, some foreign dude with a hot, hot physique (wanted to put "bod" but sounds porn-ish, doesn't it?). The girls were just all over him, the girls who were with me included.

I can't stop looking, well more like staring, which brings us to another problem I have, i stare. I am a starer. Sometimes... well, most of the time actually, I don't even realize I am doing it, and frequently freak people out with my "innocent" staring.

Oh, pardon the deviation. Anyways, as I was staring... I mean saying, I sure was staring at the bloke, NOT because of his hot physique or anything, but because he reminds me a lot of someone I've dated a couple of years back, who was also a lead in another band. Met him after a nite out in town, when he came and chat me up on my way to get my ride.

Made me reminisce, of course. And then I look at the girls there that night, fawning over him, and I thought to myself... been there, done that sistas. And it sure wasn't all a bed of roses, despite the g.l.a.m.o.r.o.u.s. front.
It WAS really just a front.

Sure, guys in bands are appealing. The fact that they are in a band automatically increases their level of hotness, and it's also very seducing to suddenly find yourself belonging to a "cool" group, sitting at the best seats at clubs, reveling in dagger stares from chicks who were not very glad that it was you and not them who get to chummy up with him. But then, there's also the player factor, the "we're together but you're not my girl yet" factor, the "I have feelings for you but can't commit to a serious relationship right now because I love my job so much and it's taking me all over the world and you might not get to see me a few months at a time, but you can wait for me" factor, the "staying up till wee hours if you wanna hang out since his work hours are the opposite of yours" factor... AND sadly but true, the "they aren't always the brightest bulbs around" factor. Seriously.

So, yea, I missed the "exciting" times, I missed being amongst the "in" crowd, and as I sat staring, I realized that I've missed the person most,regardless. We've shared quite a bit together, but I know that I can't go back there again, to being the girlfriend but not quite person to anyone ever again.
Sigh... I am getting old.


How was your weekends folks? I had a... alright just an ok one.
Went bar hopping Friday night to some poser joints near the baconshop as mentioned previously. A little recap...

The 1st one was cool and swanky (?), all done up in white with a patio bar, and there's a belly dancer making rounds about every 15 minutes, gyrating what her momma gave her, oh, who also happens to be a belly dancing instructor whose class I've attended once and enjoyed tremendously. Anyways the crowd was, as poser-ish as expected, and due to lack of standing spots we were seated at a table which was way huge, if you weren't filling it up with food, which makes conversation a yelling match and we left after one drink. Weren't feeling the vibe, esp. since it wasn't our kind of music, and we were just not very good in posing. Oh, and the name of the place goes something like some number eating another number :p

The 2nd bar was way up in the sky, and aptly named just that. The place was pretty nice looking as well, with tables and seatings lined up on both sides of a swimming pool and a gorgeous view of the city and the baconshop! :D A little quieter than the former, more relaxing, and a good placoure if you wanna just sit back and chill. But, we were looking forward to shake what momma gave us, so, we were also out of there after one drink.

The 3rd and final one, looked like a playground for rich old folks as the Lans put it. But it was the most fun we've had all night. And I've just realized that this was not what i originally intend to write about today... bugger.
I am no review blogger, I am a whiny blogger... eesh... way out of my elements here. What I really wanted to write about last Friday was the emo aspects of the night not the locales.
Anyways, I'll leave this as it is... cheers.

Friday, April 13, 2007


It’s finally a Friday. I woke up with a massive migraine this morning.
8 painkillers, a visit to the doctor’s and a capillary relaxant pill thing later, I am ok now. What’s a little pain in the head, right?

Anyways, we’re supposed to hang out at one of the posh poser joint tonight. Haven’t been out clubbing for a while now… maybe a month?
I don’t remember, but anyways, haven’t played dress up in a long time and I am a bit stressed out now.
Yea…I am such a girl, aren't I?

Thursday, April 12, 2007

~*Idol fever... kinda

Ok, let’s talk about the latest season of the American Idol. A lot of the finalist sucked pretty bad, but I’m still a big fan, and it’s not like I have lots to do after work.

Before I go on, may I say, THANK god that Gina girl is out. Urgh… can’t stand her. The only time I’ve enjoyed her performance was the week before she got axed. So, buhbye ya fake rocker chick, you sure got a lot to learn from those rocker chicks from Rockstar!

Anyways, last night’s show was, well, let’s just say was pretty consistent with this season’s performances so far. Although a couple of them were, kinda impressive.
A little recap, based on my 2cents, of course, starting with:

Melinda D – I thought she looked elegant and beautiful, but what’s with the make up and hair??? Great voice as usual, was not feeling her song though.

La Kiki J – This conversation takes place every week in our house whenever she’s on:
Big Lan: Her boobs looks like watermelons, don’t you think?
Small Lan: Eeew! You’re so mean, now I can’t look at her without thinking watermelon.
Both waiting for me to take sides.
Me: Yea, just melons la, not as big watermelons la.
Both of them… yeah ok, melons.
Every week, seriously.
Anyways, Did not feel her song at all, never did actually, despite the great lung works. Did you see the excess bits trying to free themself from her outfit last night? Brrr…

Phil "I have huge freaky bug eyes" Stacey – yawn… forgettable.

Haley S – Can’t stand her voice, and definitely crossed the line yesterday with her shortest shorty-short shorts to date. I think it was pretty disrespectful. What was she thinking when she decided to follow the sex sells mantra, especially since the ladies always form the biggest voting group on any voting shows? Do you think female vote for you because your legs are 10 times hotter than theirs? D’oh.

Chris “I think I am J.T” Richardson – His nasally, whiny voice bothers me.

Blake L – I am impartial to this dude, but he did good yesterday. I like.

Jordin S – I heart this “little” girl, but the only thing I like about her performance last night was the very senorita like hair.

Sanjaya M – I’ve adored this little fella since his audition, and even his disappointing moments in the finals didn’t matter, cos he’s just… sweet, up until last week. You see we don’t like spoilt, cocky little brat which he was turning into and was so ready to see him leave. However, the boy sure did “redeemed” himself last night with a nice little performance, sans bratty attitude :D

Ok, I am done blabbering today. Will go home and catch the result show.
..ooh, yay, SHE’s finally out!

~*things that gets me teary eyed...

Ok, so I thought I'll just do a recap of my all time fave performances from last season's idol. :) still trying to make sense of this season's though...
Anyways, enjoy... ooh, just in case it wasn't obvious who I rooted for... I heart Elliot!

Elliot Yamin –It had to be you

In the mood for love


Open arms

Katherine Mcphee – Somewhere over the rainbow

Paris Bennett – These foolish things

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

~50 things

1. I am embarking on this 50 things list because I am bored – it started off as a 100 things, however, patience, not being a virtue was strongly reaffirmed halfway through doing this.
2. This is not because I have NO work at work. I am just good in time management. Haha.
3. The people I am supposed to be supporting have all gone missing.
4. I like spending my lunch hours in the confines of my cube.
5. People around my cube have been complaining about how cold the baconshop is for the past few days. I've only felt that today.
6. I am just better insulated than them, I guess.
7. I was on medical leave the past Monday due to something really new to me - muscular pain on my “chest”, which happened during wee hours just before getting up for work.
8. The left side to be exact. The right one was fine and dandy.
9. It hurts a whole lot even when I breathe. I thought I was having an extended heart attack.
10.No, it wasn’t caused by “rigorous bedtime activities” of any sorts. I am a
celibate on the path of revirginization (quote: Charlotte York, Sex&The City), tqvm.
11.I am starting to get bored of doing this.
12.I love rice.
13.Rice may be the fattest food around.
14.I miss the pimpy and the momma. Still owe pimpy a tall latte and momma’s bottle of liqueur is still hanging around at my place.
15.Takes more than 1 to be in touch, though. Tough.
16.My favorite sitcom is Friends. Just got the complete 10 seasons and is currently on its dvd marathon.
17.L Word sucks.I do not think lesbians are shallow, lack of taste and as without substance as portrayed in the series.
18.I can’t believe I spent the weekend watching it, and got myself all depressed.
19.Friends – the series, saved my Sunday.
20.I can spend a lot of time being alone.
21.I get bored as easily as I am amused.
22.I am currently real bored with the lack of happenings in my life.
23.The Amazing Race Asia’s closing date for submission is in 2 days.
24.I am on one hand hoping hard to get selected, and on the other hand
dilemma-ed for fear that I might not be able to afford more than a month of
unpaid leaves.
25.I so overspent this month - as opposed to other months?
26.The reason was my Miscalculation, and carelessness in keeping track of the finances.
27.I am supposed to look forward to going for an isle vacation at the end of the month, but the plan got axed due to roomie’s financial “crisis”.
28.It’s the tax paying season. I am also not spared much, though.
29.I wonder if I should try to get someone else to go for the isle vacation?
30.Anybody wants to take me for a vacation to anywhere on the mentioned time frame? Out of the kindness of your big, pink fluffy hearts?
31.You do know I am kidding right? ...ok, maybe I am... or maybe I am not... :p
32.My Chemical Romance’s latest – I don’t love you, got me teary eyed.
33.I loved the weird looking mtv too.
34.I like black and white photos.
35.I should plan to have a black and white photo session soon.
36.I hope I’ll get to attend a masquerade ball in a heavy Victorian, buxom popping, breath cutting, corseted dress and all its fineries, in Venice, once in my lifetime.
37.I think vampires are sexy, as long as they look like Stuart Townsend.
38.I love all food Japanese, I think.
39.I love all things French, I think.
40.I have sweet tooth, but diabetes runs steep in the family.
41.My favorite shower gel scent is lavender.
42.I hate washing my hair because of the “oiling” and “mousse-ing” afterwards.
43.I am tired of my “sexy” curls, and it’s not even a year since I got it.
44.I am not sure if I have the guts to get a tattoo, but that Miami Ink, I tell ya!
45.I can be quite gullible.
46.I am craving for Kim chi Chigae – a spicy Korean Kim chi soup with rice, which comes with lots of free, delightful and refillable side dishes.
47.I am an adventurous adventurous foodie.
48.I hate to admit that I am quite disappointed with Linkin Park’s latest single.
49.I have pre-ordered their latest cd and have yet to get them from Tower Records.
50.Chester Bennington was so near yet so far, when he was at the TR downstairs from the baconshop :(

I am finally done with the 50. Yay me... Maybe I'll complete the next 50 on another boring day.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I've been pretty space cadet-ish lately. I am not high (though I so wish I am) - on the herbs or similar substances. I am just... spacey. I can be listening to you one minute and space out the next and back to you again in a snap. Thoughts coming into my mind, slips out in just a matter of second.
My forgetfulness has reach an epic level - my epic, that is.
Good thing though, that my space cadet "attacks", mostly occur after work hours, and does not really disrupt my work (the minimal level of focus at work is pre-space cadet). Lucky me, I guess.
Still, that can't be good right?

So, what does one do when faced with such dire situation?
Google it, of course. And googled it I did, and guess what I found after cross checking the symptoms with my body's other hiccups. I might have a sluggish liver.
Of course an online, self diagnosis cannot be a 100% accurate, but I would not rule that condition out completely, since I do have... how should I put it, a liver condition since young which has been dormant all these while (even now, I am sure). It has neither hurt nor affected me in any ways growing up. Sometimes I even forget I have it until my bestmates or parents asks if I've done my annual checkups. And because of how it has NOT been affecting my life all these years, I, of course, took things for granted.

Now I am by no means, an alcoholic, but weekend hangouts, having the said substance does bring on wee bit more merriment than sans it.
And what fried, unhealthy fat/salt laden food is not good to eat?
What can i say? I am guilty, but they were goood!
(Ok, I realized that I am starting to make myself sound as if I am some giant obesed person. Eeek! I am not. I am just... kinda fluffed!)

So anyways, after all these years of "abuse", even with subtle reminders from my friend Mr Liver - which has been mostly ignored - Mr Liver has finally decided to do an... well, a not so full on assault but, definitely a not so subtle wake-up call to his "dear" friend, me.

Now I am not dramatizing this - just whining, as usual - since a lot of people have sluggish livers and not even know it, BUT, sigh... if I want to live a better, lesser annoyance filled, full life, some changes has to take place. Drastic ones. Ones that I can't even mention right now, for fear of breaking my words too fast (especially with ONE particular "bad habit").
But I will try my best, to give Mr Liver a well deserved break to restore itself to his former glory - haha... when was he ever healthy residing in a body like mine...

Anyways, in conjunction with my healthy lifestyle... thing, let me share a simple, fruits concoction with you guys:
Red Dragon Fruit & Honeydew melon juice
Just cut them up and blend, blend, blend! No sugar needed.
It's easy, it's gorgeous purple in color, and very yummy!

Gotta run now... be good yo'll.