~*because i got high....

Friday, March 30, 2007


I am stressed out!
It's not work. It's not relationships (or the lack of it!).
It's not financial. It's the fluffiness (fat is such a dirty word!!!).
I am so stressed out about it that it's not even funny.
Started the week of with... hmm, something's bothering me, but can't quite figure it out. As the week progressed, I realised, I've been REALLY obsessing with the weight.
I realized that, all that has been, and still is on my mind the whole week is just how "fluffy" I am, and ways to lose the fluffiness!
The whole week. What the f@&%!!!
Like seriously. That can't be healthy, right?
Can't take it anymore. Pray it won't rain this evening.
I'm going to try and run the thoughts out of my brains, literally.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

~*M&M's anyone?

The title, has no apparent meaning, obviously. Couldn't think of an appropriate title today, since this is going to be another episode of random ramblings, written by a restless me, while popping the Ms. Want one?

So, what to ramble on, what to crap about? Ah yes, let's talk about my new found obsession - if you can call that new - TV series!
Let's talk about the beauty of TV series, albeit on dvd - you see, patience has not always been a virtue of mine - the joy it has brought, the wrinkles it has added, and the sleepless nights it has caused.

Yes, the beauty of series on dvd. Never again shall I feel bored... well, except when the series ran out, of course. But a quick trip to the friendly neighborhood dvd store and voila!~ New series to replace that halted one.

Yes, yes, people say that the tube rots your mind, and what good does one get from watching lots of tv, your social life will slowly but surely cease to exist and you'll grow fat (although in my case, the last one's well taken care of pre-series days...M burps!) Well, i can't and will not disagree entirely, but as in everything else in the world, there are the pros and the cons, and in this the cons being the obvious points stated not far above, but the pros? How about it occupies my time, relatively cheap? There are books, you say? Yea,sure, books are great, I love 'em, but have you checked the prices of them good books lately? No help that I am a fussy (I can't help but be reminded of a less dignified similar LOOKing word...) reader, and I have the attention span of a... what was I saying?... anyway, you get the idea on this.

Next, social life ceasing to exist? You see, I used to be REALLY outgoing (some would probably say over outgoing, and I would not disagree!), REALLY sociable, and people would not believe it if god forbid I have no plans for the weekends/weekdays/whatsoever, but I don't recall being as content, and at peace as I am now, holed up at home with my homies and my TVs (yea, the big one's for dvds and the small one's for cable. My 'ol faithful twosome! :D)
Less social life for me, really means less heart/head/whatsoever aches that comes with the package of going out, meeting "new" people. There's nothing wrong with my current people, and if i was meant to meet new people then I'll meet them, somehow, cos destiny's destiny, and you can't change it right? No? But Hiro Nakamura said so! :D

As for the getting fat part... like I've said earlier, that damage was done pre-series and ... shall just leave it at that, gladly.

Anyways, so I've just ordered some Six Feet Under for us. I've missed when it was showing on cable, in my pre-series days, and after watching 3 seasons and just getting into season 4 of One Tree Hill, I so need something less teenage/drama/dull. Can't wait!

Oooh, time to go home. Damn, thunderstorm out side...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

~*T.A.R.A. II

So, we had to fork out a bomb to convert our audition tape to vcd/dvd since my cam ports were faulty, which I just found out. And the folks that did the conversion for me took the liberty and decided to add their company ad. into our little clip.
Ok, in all fairness, the outcome did look pretty good with the ad, followed by the actual clip, and then the big redundant "THE END" at the end of it, BUT the total length of our vcd is now beyond the 3minutes criteria. Plus the cd label makes it look like some sort of a wedding invite... hello? so not going to happen!

So what to do, what to do? Google google, of course! Got my editing tools, to cut the clip to the right length, during whatever time I find in between baconshop hours just to get it right. And voila! All done now!
Phew... now I know to a lot of people video editing is peanuts, but it's my first time playing with these things, so, can't blame a girl for being overwhelmed, right?

Anyways, ooh oooh... anyone read about the Spiderman who climbed the Towers yesterday? Well, yours truly, and the rest of our neighbors in the towers got a live view from just outside out windows, directly opposite from my little cube. It was amazing. He was amazing! Pretty scary though as the guy walked, climbed and sat on the steel bars trying to get from Level 59 to the 60th, all these without a single thread of safety harness on him, lest he falls.

I am sure a lot will call this stupidity... as for me, I am just amazed at how at ease he was so high up there. For me, he is extremely daring, regardless if that was reckless/irresponsible/maybe stupid...
I just saw him as a very brave man.

Bravo monsieur Alain. Bravo~

P/s: The passport size pics were from yesteryears. Don't be fooled.
I've decided to be behind the dot. Sorry folks...

Friday, March 16, 2007


Hello... How are you lovely people? Pink and rosy? My warmest regards to you, and to you... and to you! Yea... I am cuckoo, not as if you don't already know! :D

As you've noticed, I haven't had much time to write lately, due to bacon shop commitments. Some pretty major issues happening around here, rendering the team and I pretty darn demotivated (not as if we were highly motivated, to begin with), helpless even, especially last week. Good thing about having a wonderful team to work with though, we were just there for each other, and even in the most stressful moments, someone always manage to do/say something bodoh and cheer the rest of us up.
Lucky me in that sense.

Anyways, enough about bacon bitching. On a more positive note, Pimpy and I made an audition tape for TARA II, last Saturday at ma crib!
It was to quick, swift, surprisingly fun, and I think we've quite nailed it!
Thanks to pimpy for fueling my system with some malty beverage before we started, since I am really videocam shy, and as my roomies put it bluntly *She can't act.*
And worked it did, those malty drinks! I can talk, laugh, whatever, naturally throughout the session, until the effects started wearing off, that is.
Good thing we've already had a pretty acceptable clip done by then.
So, that was pretty good.
Now all we need are your prayers and lots of luck, that our silly tape gets chosen, and ultimately gets picked to be in the race.
*finger & toes crossed!*

Oh, abit of news here, I was sick last Tuesday (yea, yea, it's like what's new, right???) and I was pretty much bed bound the whole, freaking hot and sweaty day, and I was bored out of my mind!!! And then I realised, that I haven't complained about being bored, or actually felt bored (yea, yea I like complaining about being bored, just...) in quite a while, which sure is, for me, a pretty darn good feeling!
Oh life... life must've been a lot less meaningless now, I guess. Nice.

Now, I don't want to jinx this in any way, but I do have to say, this year has been pretty sweet for me so far despite all my whining, of course, and I am sure liking it!!!