~*because i got high....

Friday, January 30, 2009

~*you know...

... that your car is that old, when even the macha who washes your car tells you "Amoi, you tukar kereta la, manyak lama wor..."
(roughly means "time to get this junk out and get yourself a new ride girly...", yea, something like that la :p)

The heck with it la, I still love my little car...

~*you want to meet me where??

Ok, if someone asks you out, to hang out, someone who's apparently interested in you, not your everyday friends. You would probably think of meeting at places like the cinema, coffee places, the park to walk his bitches ker (girl doggies ma!), dinner ker, or even to watch a concert at the philharmonic if you are all that cultured ar :p

But nooo... guess where someone wanted to hang out this weekend? Jusco supermarket... ta daaa! And I even get to choose if I wanted to meet up at this Jusco or that Jusco! Weeee... Wth. Speechless leh.

I have nothing against supermarkets etc. I love them, but I don't hang out with guys there. I do my shoppings there. Me not in college or highschool anymore leh... Jusco? Seriously?

Had to respectfully decline cos having some family thingy...
Maybe he wants to find out if our shopping personality match? Aih...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~*CNY vs Christmas... which do i prefer?

CNY is for my parents and for making them happy. Christmas is all for me, me and me! Tough choice huh...

I am back in my own tiny abode. Obviously feeling much better, I even look better now. Seriously. I am neither hot nor cun, in any way, when I am at parents', seriously. But let me come back to my own place, clean up... whoa! Ok la, whoa is abit over la kan.. but seriously. I feel ugly when I am in hometown, to the point I feel grossed out at myself, to the point I don't even like meeting people when I am there. Doesn't help that I have a parent who calls me, erm fluffy girl (fat is such a dirty word! :p) My name on that parent's phone is saved as that. And they tell me I've got confidence issue...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~*the heck!

I can't sleep. I fell a sleep around 2.30am, I think, and I am wide awake at 4.30am. My arms are numb-ish and my heart is not at ease. I feel afraid, afraid if our kindness, niceness are backfiring. Afraid since distance is no barrier for certain bad things... Gosh. It's almost 5am, and I'm freakin tired, for pete sake. God, help me let go, help him/them let go and just move on with all our lives.

Ok, I know this post sounds freaky but I can't explain or elaborate on it, so, sorry but dun ask, when you guys see me back at work.

Damn... the rooster's up and crowing, and I am getting a headache. Why is it that I have such bad sleep at my own parents' house? Urghhhh....

~*I am too selfish to have kids right now...

After spending about 2 days at home with my uncle, aunts and a baby cousin, I realised, there's no way I can handle being a mother right now. Maybe my little cousin is more than a handful compared to other kids - she's a perfectly healthy little girl, who happens to enjoy and perfected the art of wailing, constantly, whole day over anything.

Even if the kid is not the whiny sort, you still have to play with them and keep them entertained the whole entire day. I cannot imagine the exhaustion! And if the kid is like my little cousin here, the frustration - read above. Her poor mother looked so damn tired, seriously poor thing... I would've smacked the kid if she was mine. And that, is probably why I am neither a wife nor a mother yet.

If only all kids are like estella and little sis - the smiley sisters, hardly cry, keep themself entertained with just a bassinet of water and smiles at everyone/everything that pass by them. Might be a bit dangerous the last one, but Adorable giler ar...

~*Gong xi gong xi... Xin nian kuai ler...

Chinese believe in someting call turning your luck - obviously to turn away the bad ones and bring in the good ones. One of the "tool" to bring in the Ong (good luck) and blow away the Suey (bad luck) is this little fan/propeller looking "gadget". We call this thing erm, chinese windmill (??). If I recall correctly, you can see a lot of these in temples in Hongkong... especially during new year. It looks very pretty when blown by the wind and the more it turns the more ong you'll get, apparently la.

Erm... actually all I wanted to do was just post the pic of this little thing hanging in front of our very humble home, but end up blabbing a bunch pulak... consider this Chinese Culture Ed 101 this Chinese new year la... :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

~*one of the meaning of Sad...

... is when 2 person who likes each other is not able to communicate properly, let alone express their feelings to one another through the phone. It's not only frustrating, it is actually sad when every conversation circles around - how are you, I am good, rain or no rain, many people or no many people, you come back. It's like I so want to hear your voice and freakin happy to received your call, but how do I begin to talk to you and vice versa? Oh gawd...

3G phones are seriously a necessity in times like this. It's amazing how people can get your messages clearer when you throw in a few hand gestures, seriously... if only I am rich enough to be a sugar mommy. Cougar aready qualified la... and damn, I hate that word. What is it that people have against women dating much younger guys that they have to name us that ar? Erm... I am not dating anyone right now. Really.

Anyways, what is the name for guys who dates much younger women then? Oh... yea, they are called lucky b@st@rd$, among other names, chai mai (right)? I am practising... so you'll probably see splatters of that language here and there in future posts, kaaa....

Saturday, January 24, 2009

~*bored and wilting in this ridiculous heat!

3rd entry of the day. I am THAT bored. I am sure everyone else is already enjoying their long weekend, preparing for the chinese new year, packing, or stuck in the traffic somewhere around the country, but not me. I am hella hella bored. Not exactly excited about this year's celebration... erm... I don't think I remember being really excited ushering the new year, in a long time. It's just not exactly my thing. The only excitement I can remember from last year was the fireworks. Yea, the bright, sparkling, fiery, beautiful awesomeness that is banned in our beloved country, but make a trip down towards the land where the Hokkien people are plentiful, and the oink oink soups are good on chinese new year eve, and feast your eyes. Surround firework display continuously for more than an hour! Now that would be something to look forward to this year.

Been chatting with a famous photog for the past hour or more I think. At least someone to communicate with at this our la, cos the roomies are already asleep since they have to wake up early for their journey home tomorrow. And nice fella he is - especially because he said I couldn't be older than 26 :) miahahahah, i am a sucka for flattery ma. Don't tell me you're not happy if you're turning 32 this year and people thought your 26, At most. But don't bother telling me if you ARE 26 ar :p

Oh yea, if you're, erm, the few friends who reads this blog regularly, you might notice the sudden shift in my entry style... got PICS one leh! Hehe... just thought I'll try out what a lot of other bloggers do - post plenty of pics with short description and be all happy about it, and maybe up my readership by being more visible after blogging for more than a couple of years, and not leave anonymous comments, And maybe try to earn a bit of the nang dough, but after a few entries like that, I told the small roomie, I feel like I am betraying my little blog leh, and so not being true to meself. Yea, yea, drama drama... but you know what I mean, right? :p

So I thought, ah well, eff it. I can't be a sell out like that. Not here. Maybe I'll create another blog elsewhere just for that... maybe maybe... :p

P/S: Special thanks with all me heart to a certain Mr T who always seems very concern after reading my bitchings, and who's always asking me if I am ok whenever he sees me. I am ok la dear... *hugs*

Friday, January 23, 2009

~*blossommy new year!

...took this while on my mad dash to Pavillion and then back to KLCC trying to get some last minute shopping done... pretty huh...

...blossoms everywhere... :)

~*one of the many reasons I am getting older by the minute!

...my drive to work this morning...

...my drive home in the evening...

all my youth (what's left of it, that is :p) wasted on these roads... tsk tsk...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

~*raaaakkkk... :D

Ok, I know I just posted an entry about maybe giving it a try with someone just a while ago. This post is about another person, someone I met a couple of weeks back. Someone who is even more different and unlike me - in terms of lifestyle, erm... country... AND language! (hehe), but I suka lor, what to do :)

I was going to call him yesterday, just to say hi, obviously missing him, but didn't get through, and guess what, he called just now, he called! Hehe... ok la, this one is just a holiday crush and sad to say, definitely has no prospect or future one la... but still... the call make me oh so... mengada happy! I rike... tee heee..... :*

God willing, I'll see you again k... mwahs.

~*when you tell me that you... like me?

"I like you!" said someone yesterday. Someone who is very unlike me. Someone I used to really like as well, but key word, used to. Now, I am not really that sure. Flattering yes, sweet definitely, but I am really not sure about this and I still have the sweets for a certain someone I met very recently. But you know what? I am probably going to give it a try, as long as I am still able to get pass reality, at least for now.

Hmm... sweet sugar candyman... show me what ya got :p

~*thai or brazilian?

I am talking about flip flops la...

Ipanema by Giselle Bundchen (dun remember the price), OR

Tickel (??), Made in Thailand, RM 10!

After a long, painful walk yesterday, my vote goes to... the RM 10 one lor! Seriously. Read everywhere that Ipanemas slippers are "very comfy" etc. etc. But no lor... hurt my pretty pretty feet ok (hehe)... the people who said that probably have very tebal skin on their feet lor. Seriously. I'll be sticking to my RM 10 Thai slippers from now on, tqvm!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

~*new year, new beginnings?

Not really. Same old predicaments jumping in and out in front of me. Same of complains of so much to do dunno where to start. Same old need more money whines. Argh...

Just came back from some briefing, which of course means more work. All of these briefings are the same, your name may or may not be in the project list etc. but the work will definitely come our way. I am not exactly whining about the workload, I am whining about needing more directions. Argh. I DO NOT like being in this position. I DO NOT like the work I am entrusted with. I DO NOT LIKE the baconshop. I DO NOT LIKE the butt kissing culture to "climb" the so called ladder and ultimately, I DO NOT LIKE THE CORPORATE WORLD!!! I can't NOT feel "dirty" afterward when I have to be nice to certain people just for the sake of being visible, or to get into their good books. I can't.

I want to get out of this environment, but sadly, doing things that pleases oneself doesn't pay as much as selling your soul in the corporate world. Reality bites.

Ok, I know... too much whining for the new year. Sigh. Really thinking about doing something else though. Really couldn't be arsed about the numbers, figures, people. But of course, again reality bites.

It's January now, 6 months since we all changed portfolios. I remember a couple of months into the new gig, I said i give this 6 months then I am out. 6 months later i am still here doing this. ARGH! Sigh... I'll give this another 6 months to get the projects over and done with, to add some furnishings to my CV and seriously, that's it. The operations work can kiss my (in the process of toning up) bootie buh bye. Seriously. Personal target. We'll see, in 6 months time if i get to bite back reality.

Btw, happy new year to yo'll... yea duh...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~*sabai dee mai ka?


Almost 2 weeks since we're back to reality. And these 2 weeks of reality has been pretty rough. Not only do I have to come back to this environment, to the stinky baconshop, then there were the major people issues. I was a walking zombie x10. My boss obviously noticed and was hesitant to even convey a simple "see me for something something meeting". She came over to my place, talked about something else, paused and was about to walk away, and only spill her intention when I asked if there's anything since she walked all the way to my place. I really look horrible (bad skin and all from the very lack of sleep and withdrawal syndrom thingy)as well as from the stress. Ah well... This week, I am ok. Got over (75%) Coke and Phangan. This week my brain and mind is back where it was before I went off, I think. Even my skin's improved. Yay.

So how was my 2 weeks in Thailand? To say it was awesome, would be quite an understatement. It was... awe-inspiringly awesome! I don't think many people would understand what's so great about loitering around some beaches, hanging out with the locals and not hitting the "must see" attractions that those places had to offer. Well, I can't explain it either. And I won't be convincing others to jump on the this kind of travel. I am too selfish like that :p kidding. It's just something that's either for you or not. As for me, there are no better way to travel. Sure, I would still enjoy the more luxury type, see and do all you can while you're there type of vacation, but I think probably because I know Thailand is a place that I will go back again and again, I did not rush myself to do anything... at all. We took our time, and basically just chill out. And this kind of travel, cliche as it may sound, is good for the soul. Really. Sorts you out, sorts your priorities and life perceptions out, because you have enough time to do that. Someone said you don't have to go so far to look for that something (I dunno what was the thing he meant, though), but I wasn't. I was not looking, I started off with just the thought that yay, long vacation, but I ended up overwhelmed with what I've been privilaged enough to experience.

I've never been away for this long before, and frankly, on the 3rd day, I was ready to ask the girls to cut our journey shorter. That was when I was still in the tourist mode and staying at tourists swamped areas. All that changed after we moved locale to a much, much smaller beach. That was when, my real vacation started, I think. When I had the time to just really slow down, and chill, and think, and to contemplate this thing call life. That, was when the awesome part really begin.

Sorry if this entry is even more boring than others, just something to get off my chest. We have a little journal that all of us take turns to write in, during our entire trip. It was Roomie's idea, and it was good! Really. Who knew people who used to dislike blogs could write so much and actually enjoying doing it. Will take some stuff out of there for some future entries... chop di kap peeps... oh, and I miss walking around with my big-ass bag!