~*because i got high....

Thursday, July 31, 2008

~*monitor monitor, why so blue?

It's 1:45pm, again :) had very yummy dried oyster and peanut porridge. Not sure if it's the hunger or it was really that yummy. Bought from this new, sort of Chinese dessert stall on level 4 of the mall below. Most authentic tasting cheap porridge I've had. Portion's smaller than the ones you get from hawkers but much cheaper, only RM2.90. I liked it so much I had to write about it lor. Yummss...

Yea, my huge monitor's gone blue. I can still use it, but the blue tint was starting to hurt my eyes. It didn't bother me as much when at my old secluded cube when the lights aren't that bright, or maybe it was just depressed being moved to the new cube thus turning extra blue. I dunno. I can't really tell.

Anyways, after getting asked "Why your monitor so blue ar?" like a hundred times yesterday by everyone passing by - which is ALOT of people due to my strategic location, I've changed to another old smaller monitor today. Peace and quiet now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

~* words from ma new cube...

It's 1:45pm. 15 more mins till lunch break is over, 15 mins till the lights in the towers are back up. Today's the first day I am here at my new cube. How am I liking it so far? If only you can see my face. I have to limit (very limited damn it!) all my extracurricular online activities ie. facebook, blog etc. etc. to lunch time now since my place is so in the open and my monitor is the biggest around here - stupid cheapskate baconshop didn't gimme a new flat, compacted one. :(

I know I whine too much about this, especially since this IS a promotion, but I am not a corporate ladder person at heart :( my ambitions are elsewhere, And there's someone snoring loudly, 2 cubes away right now. Dang.

Sigh... Anyways, caught Sex & The City Movie with mom last weekend. I think it is better suited to be a Season 7 of the series rather than the movie. None of the characters were memorable since everything has to be compacted into a 2hour plus movie. Also I've learnt that it can get uncomfy watching love/sex stuff with a parent. I guess am that conventional when it comes to parents.

Got to get back to cracking my head now, lights will be up in 5 mins. Work work work... sigh. Snoring stopped. Time for a cuppa.

Friday, July 18, 2008

~*there's no price for awesomeness and attractiveness!! And I really don't wanna go... tsk tsk...

I am in the mood to write! Hehe... plus I’ll be moving to my new cube *cough*hate it*coughcough* next week and is expected to be super busy then. This also means that I’ll no longer be in the same cube farm with the gang that I’ve grown to sayang so much! So. Not. Happy. And my new cube is just in front of the new loco boss! Loco = short for locomotive, cos she’s always on the go ler. Did you think I’d call my boss loco as in mad??? Yea, I would.

Anyways, yea, new place, not so good fengshui for my number priority at work – The Internet (what else?!). No longer can I just stare at my pc, typing furiously, looking as if I am hard at work, since the boss is just a few cubes behind. I am quite sure she can tell the difference between working and blogging. There are not enough damns and curses in the world for this, man.

Seriously. Me so Not Happy with that, it’s not even funny. Sigh. The only positive outcome from my move is that ma dolly gets to take over my lovely, awesomely fengshui-ed cube.  Sighhhhhhhhhh... damn youse restructurings! damn youse!!!

~*you ain't so poor, baby...

You know, working in the twin towers can really disillusion one. Everytime you open the papers, you’ll read about how people are badly affected by the price hikes and poor economic situations etc etc. and everytime you watch tv, you’re bound to see some sad documentary showing how tough life can be for some people – Princess D was telling us how a family was so badly affected by the hikes, and couldn’t even afford cooking oil, that they had to collect chicken skins (from the chicken sellers, I guess), and then heat them in the wok until it produces oil which they then use as substitute for normal cooking oil! Wtf, right? While the dumbass politicians are on tv BS-ing and telling the nation that our people here is fine and cukup makan, these poor people had to live on chicken oil? (Btw, this doesn't mean I am a supporter of that alleged ButtMan, ok. Neither am I a fan of the dumb dumb they call the pm.) I don’t know the “nutritional” value to be found in chicken skin oil, but I Really doubt that it is a healthy thing to consume over a long period of time. Sigh.

Anyways, back to the disillusionment (phew… big, tongue twisting word :p), you see, the mall at the bottom of the towers is famous for being quite a posh place to shop, and I get to see lots of people walking around with huge designer bags carrying their new designer purchases and LV is almost always filled with people. And then there are the eateries. Ok, the food courts are quite affordable with proper meals starting from 5 bucks, but there are also lots of posh restaurants and cafes, which are always full. Economy bad? Hanging around here, I really can’t tell. Obviously loads and loads of people are either very not affected or still just oblivious… and so lucky to be able to afford being oblivious. Sigh.

Anyways… will be going for Journey to the centre of the earth in 3D! 17bucks worth of ticket. Definitely a luxury item for me, especially after spending 10bucks on kebab for lunch earlier… for those reading this who are much, much richer than me and think this is peanuts… what can I say, good for u lor…

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Been pretty stressed out this week. Stressed out thinking, reading, researching on ideas to make more dough, as usual la kan, especially when I am assigned a post that I am not exactly thrilled about and now filled with the burning desire to drop out of this so called rat race. Hehe... drama kan! Anyways, I am Thankful la, but not thrilled, can ar? :p

The worst thing is when the boss of the team that I’ve applied to transfer to was actually expecting me to make the move, but once again, thanks to our Very Competent Hr, there was no news/feedback on the move for such a looong time that I thought the request was a sure goner, and I had no choice but to grab the next best thing offered here or be assigned this nightmarish post where I really, REALLY, I mean REALLY would not want to go back to. Seriously. Pretty damn kik sim (kik sim = sakit hati ma… see u learn Chinese today, who says my blog is not educational! :p) when I have to draft the mail declining that new boss’ offer, and even more kik sim when he said he already reserved a place for me in his team. Argh. Damn it.

Anyways, nothing much can be done now. I am a woman of my words... most of the time (I am only a normal human who errs and have to eat words sometimes ok ;p), so I will be here, do all that needs to be done well and fast, and THEN when all done... mu.a.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha... we’ll see.

Something unrelated, watched Be kind Rewind the other night… another good film with Jack Black in it. Simple story but definitely A+ for creativity. Unexpectedly funny, yet somewhat heart warming or was it wrenching ar? Dang, I forgot what emotion it was, laughing so hard. Anyways, I liked it a lot. And I've always find Mos Def cute. Weird taste huh...