~*because i got high....

Friday, August 24, 2007

~*there's a vip lounge in Hell for mechanics!

If anyone reading this, somehow, has a close mechanic friend or relative, I hope they are decent enough human beings, to not need to go to that special place reserved for them down there. That is how much I HATE them! And if you ARE a mechanic and is offended, well, why should you be if you're not one of them bad ones?

Needless to say, IT has been a tremendously lousy week. Firstly, one of the parents had to go through an angioplasty, and due to that, there were the endless traveling from the parents place to the hospital to the baconshop (all NOT remotely nearby from one to another), and having to repeat the cycle a few times a day for a couple of days has not made me the perkiest. Good thing is that, thankfully the procedure went smoothly and he's well on recovery. Another tiny ounce of goodness were the concerts. There were 2 this week, that's almost a hundred bucks for 4 hours of work(?).

But as always, when things are looking slightly better, bad things tend to feel a teensy bit left out and HAD to come by and say their big fat ugly Mthrfckin hello and today's "hello" has just cost me about 600 mthrfckin bucks! It all started with a burst tyre, which was only about 100plus, but then, after further "evaluation" on the car, I somehow ended up with a bill close to 600 mthrfckin bucks!! And the fcker who's fixing my car just called to tell me that this "other" part needs work on it as well and that's another extra 300bucks. To that I said sod off, and just leave that alone. I don't care how dangerous it may be, I'll take my chances and get a 2nd opinion. Tqvm and damned the fckr, in my head of course! I'll damn him aloud after getting my car back.

Monday, August 20, 2007

~*pea nuts...

I believe I may have one of the best, if not the easiest part time jobs ever. We have a briefing session before every concert to get our duty location - all around the perimeter of the concert hall, the program timing and other apparently important stuff (most of which unfortunately flew past my ears as soon as they were spoken). After the brief briefing session, we'll all go to our designated sections, waiting to usher in the guests, making sure they are seated properly and well behaved (haha), and shut the door as the concert began, and reopened them during interval, and also after the show of course.

And what do we do during the concert itself? Well, if you assign for duty inside the hall itself then you get to plonk your arse down with the guests and enjoy the concert with them. If you are assigned duty outside the hall, then you can either have a bull session with your fellow part timers, read a book, space out, ogle at cute passerby, when you're in uniform, you have the license to be extra friendly and people will think that you're just doing your job, not noticing that you only greet the cute ones. Haha.

When the concert's over there's a short de-briefing session and that's it for the day, all done in under 4hours.
Now, tell me it is not one of the one of the best, if not the easiest part time jobs ever. Ok, IF you can actually tell me about easier job than this, then you should also tell me how to get those jobs ok :p

Friday, August 17, 2007

~*Strings, strings and mo strings....

String instruments that is. Will be starting the part time thing with Philharmonic tonight. I can appreciate the classical but REALLY pray that I won't fall asleep though. Tired la. Things we do for extra dough. Sigh.

Some user that I spoke to yesterday asked if there's vacancy at the baconshop, for her daughter. I wanted to tell her, WHY on earth do you wanna get your daughter into the baconshop??? I didn't of course, after all she's with our client, and I'm just soooooo polite and agreeing like that you know. Anyways, she asked if baconshop pays alot, and I being the modest one that I am of course said, no la. Then she proceeded to ask if my bring home peanuts was about this certain amount and also where I got my highly prestigious education - the cheapest local college around.
And once again, my agreeing self told her the name of my alma mater and said yea to the latter question. And this is where she launched a full on assault on the baconshop about how they rejected her daughter's application a few years back eventhough her daughter graduated from one of the most well known colleges around, to which I agreed of course, being my polite, agreeing self. AND then the dumb bitch went on to say this "I don't know how they hire people in the baconshop, a grad from your (humble) college can get in and earns that much but they rejected my daughter who graduated from The Posh College??? And she's earning so much lesser than what baconshop's paying you".

I know, I should probably have said to her face that poshness of a college does not a brain maketh... but alas, my polite, agreeing self just said, in my sweetest fake voice possible "yea, I really don't know why. Should ask you daughter to try again ya. Buhbye."

No need for further conversation with such idiots. Though I would have loved to tell her that my peanuts was actually way more than what she thought it was, but I am way too modest and polite like that you know :p

Friday, August 10, 2007

*~Of fairies and nymphs...

The annual Ad Ball’s theme this year is going to be Masquerade. Saw it in the papers today. The article came with the pic of a couple (well, I don’t know if they ARE a couple, but there’s a man and a woman…. anyways...) holding some very nice looking venetian masks. I like.

I’ve always had a fascination with the Venetian masquerade balls. The costumes are splendidly elaborate, the masks exquisite, and the settings… gorgeous. Yea, I like these stuff a lot. The idea of hiding behind a mask, getting into character and be someone else for just one night can be so… (for the lack of a better word) Hot! I like.

Not in the pink of health today. Nose was itching and throat felt scratchy the entire night. Took some flu med before coming to work this morning. Good thing the medicine only kicked off a while after reaching the baconshop. I must’ve passed out for about 15 mins(?). However, despite the meds, it got worse throughout the day esp. after lunch. Feels like an infection. Feeling pretty sick now. Still a couple more hours to go.
Damn. I don’t like!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

~*heights of boredom and randomness...

It's official. I've just reached a new height of boredom at the baconshop.
No joke. It has been a quiet week so far but today takes the cake.
Let’s see, after attending to a couple of user problems this morning, a good chunk of the rest of the hours before lunch has been spent reading non-enlightening blogs by bitchy Singaporean bloggers taking a piss at each other. It was quite entertaining at first, but after an hour or so, I felt as if life’s been drained out of me, leaving me an empty, soulless plastic figurine staring at my huge ass screen, and I found myself wondering WTF am I doing and quickly switch to something less… meaningless.
Yea, drama-fied, but I am bored. Let it go.

I’ve lost a kg this week, after a few jogs and weight sessions.
Did the weight thing with dumbbells AND fitness magazines at home.
Can’t be arsed to get into the highly commercialized world of fitness studios/gym… bunnyshop! Yea, I think I’ll call them bunnyshop from now on - eventhough there’s one, no… two actually, just downstairs from the baconshop. Can’t stand watching twinkies in tighties (hahah … yea, sounds stupid, just some self entertainment la… let it go, k) strutting around the bunnyshop, looking all perfect and stuff. You can hardly sense the tiniest tinge of envy, can you? :p Anyways, I dunno… bunnyshops nowadays just feels more like a meat markets, you know. I admit that I would actually rather run on a treadmill in front of the tele, than do the hilly tracks around my humble home, but nah… not stepping into bunnyshops until I reach them twinkies in tighties figure. Yea, stupid, I know.

We’re in the midst of planning a Halloween masquerade. Not a big one, just the people from the Christmas party and some of their new partners. We’re already thinking of the costumes and deco. Venue is most likely in an apartment suite in one of the hotels around here. We already have people planning to come as cheerleader, we have a skeleton man, a dark angel and a Chinese female ghost. Hope everyone will come as different characters. Me, I am thinking vampire. I just happen to have a very romantic outlook on vampires. It's a fantasy alright, albeit a twisted one.
I just find the fangs sexy. Think Stuart Townsend in Queen of the Damned!
One word/sound/whatever: Awww…
Yea… vampire it is.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

*~missing you...

Dear Burger,

Can you please tell me,
if I am Missing you
Just because there's none to miss?
Thinking of you
Just because there's none to think about?
Calling out your name
Just because there's no other name i could think off?
Or have you placed a charm,
on my wretched wretched mind?
Maybe I was just bored... ahhh...
Wretched, wretched... wretched mind.

Friday, August 03, 2007

~*New moon...

So it's August already, just a thought that popped into my head (with the help of my cube calender staring at me from its high resting place, the cpu). Got me thinking, what have we all done so far? What have I done so far? And I thought why not just do a check on my "sort of" resolutions for 2007, and see how I fared, so far.

Hmm...let's see, there's the celibacy thing (checked!), the weight loss thing (er... not checked... yet!), the read more books this year thing (checked!... I am onto my 4th :p potter book and I am so loving it! Tqvm!!!), the exercise thing (checked! I can now jog for 3km nonstop, on hilly tracks! Would've love to jog more frequently though, but still woo hoo!) and the increase my savings thing (erm... a tiny, tiny... tiny check? Better than none , right??).

I can't think of any other resolutions from when the year began... but one that came up a couple of months back was to get a new car by year end... God willing that will be checked! the next time I decided to check on my resolution progress again. Fingers crossed.