~*because i got high....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My second fave little boy this year. Sigh... simply amazing... Enjoy.

I am feeling alright today. Much as I bitch and whine, as long as I get time off from work, I am A alright :) and after purging the anger/frustration accumulated from the weekend, I am now ready and looking forward to the next few days by the beach.
Blogging truly does wonders for the soul. Me at peace now...

~*oh yea, did I mention that I Heart Jason Castro?!! Anyone can find a guy like that for me ar? Ha.Ha.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

~*if I fell...

The video/song that never fail to put a smile on my face… almost, actually I think I melted while watching this. He may not have the best voice, but he sure has the most unique and I am sure, all his fans melted as well..

Last weekend was just plain crazy and hectic. Started on Friday night, we were actually triple booked -
1) the youth chamber concert which was supposed to be only from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, which leaves us enough time to attend the
2) KLCC tenant night’s cocktail/dinner event at the kl convention centre next door before going off to
3) Portia’s “hen night” party at 9pm.

However, the concert went on much later than scheduled, because our least fave conductor (I believe the word used was the stupid Kiev, his name :p) fitted in 18 pieces without informing earlier, and it was already about 8:30 when we finally manage to leave. The concert was still on going.

So now we had to miss the tenant’s night thingy, and rush for a good friend's hen night at 9pm, which got postponed to 9.30pm (btw, she reached even later than that) and she had the courtesy to text and let us know at 9pm itself. We were furious of course! since we had to leave our jobs early, endured some sarcastic remarks from a few people left working eventhough a lot of others actually left at 7:30pm as per the original schedule. And we also had to miss the scrumptious dinner and entertainment at KLCC, only to have her tell us it’s postponed. Her other friends came even later, but we just kept quiet, it being her party and all... :(

Really, really pissed when people have no respect for other people’s time. It’s as if you have nothing else to do but sit around at their beck and call, and your time is not as important as theirs? Hate that we had to sacrifice a whole lot to be where we didn’t even want to be in the first place, and especially for the reasons stated in the previous post. So anyways, we just suck it up and was all smiley and stuff when the whole party arrived.

It was fine at first, everyone had on the leis and the bride to be, her faux veil that I'd rushed to get the night before, and then she had to go crash her colleague’s bachelor party just across the road. What did we do there? Sit. Just sat there, and had some leftover chicken wings etc because the whole “party” that followed her there was bored to tears while she had her fun with the bachelor party’s party. (get? :p) By now 3 of the girls, has already jumped ship and left. Clever girls.

Anyways, after the party crashing, we decided to go to the Snooty Club, finally. The girl in the other car was going to send the future bride and another girl there first, since my car was quite a long walk away and we specifically told them to wait for us at the lobby there. Upon reaching, I got a call from the bride's future hubby. Apparently not very sober, telling me that it’s my responsibility to take care of his “baby”, his bride, since I am the maid of honor, that I must return her to him after the night in good condition, and I must promise him that… bla bla bla… I just said ok to him, and ended the call. For anyone who doesn’t know, it is one of my pet peeve when someone asks or says things like that. Just because someone is getting married, he/she suddenly becomes more “special” and worthy of “care” than the rest of us the “lesser” single people? Or suddenly became too retarded and dumb to take care of themselves, eventhough they are nearing 30years of age? And suddenly it is MY responsibility??? I would take care of my friend without anyone telling me to do so. It’s just what a normal human being would do, but to tell me it’s my responsibility and I have to promise you to take good care of your “baby”? So. Not. Cool.

The story did not end there. We parked our car and went up. They were not at the lobby and did not answer their phone, and to make matters worse, the bouncers will not let us in, maybe we weren’t wearing fancy clothes or whatever. And since one of the idiots standing guard said he is sure he’s seen some girl with faux veil and another girl went up earlier, we HAD to go up to look for them. They only allow one of us. So I went. I searched the whole place but can’t find them. I went back down. By this time, everyone’s panicked, and almost got into a row with the bouncer/manager/scum person. Lastly this scum person agreed to let Roomie up to look again, while being “escorted” by him. We are good people and we do not get into things like that in clubs ok. Obviously fcking pissed by now, my phone rang. The missing bride's number. The other girl called and said they went to some other bar to meet up with their respective partners cos she didn’t know what to do with the apparently very drunk bride, who by the way did NOT, I repeated DID NOT seem that drunk when we left her with the other girls.

We could not have been more pissed. Seriously. I called her hubby’s phone to confirm that she’s with him and is ok and also to yell at the muthafcker for calling me and talking those crap when his “baby” was already with him, to tell him it wasn’t funny to play with people who were genuinely concern and worried sick, but I didn’t. I just talked real loud. He would be obviously too pissed to remember that anyway. Pissheads.

Anyways, the bride called Roomie yesterday. We didn’t pick up her call during weekend though. Roomie told her about the Snooty Club incident. She seemed really sorry when she called me later, said she was really drunk and didn’t know why they didn’t call to tell us the change of venue. I told her it’s ok. There was no point in arguing. Nothing more to be said. Getting married was not an excuse to push people around to that extend. Tolerance has its limits. Just can’t wait for the whole wedding to be over. We are done entertaining people whose world revolves just around them.

No offense to happy couples getting married. I am damn happy for you guys, but just know that there are other people in this world too, and it’s not too much to ask for a little consideration.

Friday, March 14, 2008

~*she said what???

As you know, we had a hen party/weekend thingy for our dear future bride friend in Langkawi a couple of weeks back, right, and then last weekend I asked her if she wanted to go out - the last girls night out before she got married. So she decided that we'll go out this Friday, I mean today. All of us thought it's just another normal night of going out, hanging out you know, and then I received a call from Sara yesterday. She said the bride had asked her out tonight. She also said that the bride told her that it's her 3rd hen party and she had to organize everything herself - while sounding pitiful/sad wtvr. If I know the bride well, it's just a tactic to get sympathy and get the person to agree to whatever she's asking for (which is usually funny to watch/hear), but - Sara lives about more than 3 hours from here.

Boy, was I pissed or was I pissed. It's fine even if she wants to have 10 hen nights leading up to her wedding, it's the things she said that is NOT fine. She "had to organize everything herself"??? We didn't even freaking know it WAS going to be ANOTHER hen night party. What was the taking her away for the weekend for then? And if she did want a hen night like the normal cliched hen nights in bars with humiliating condom veils etc she could've just said it right? We could've saved some time and a whole lot of money. Yes, she did spent quite a bit on the booze etc there, but what does she expect. We can't afford to spend as much as her, we don't have an extra income to take care of us. What we deem pricey is cheap and reasonable for her, and since it was a weekend for her, we just went wherever and do whatever she wanted to. Spending 800 in 2 days in Langkawi burnt a BIG hole in my little purse u know.

Arrr... but money is not the point. The point is this schizo-ish behaviour is getting harder for us to swallow. Maybe when you read this you might think "aww... come one it's a tiny thing", but it's not the first. There was also the night she snapped at me over something innocent that I said about some work friend, which apparently is a good friend (whom she's knew for... months?). And when I say snapped, trust me, SNAPPED! She made a "bestfriend" of few years felt damn horrible (and for nothing) over a "good friend" of a few months from work. You will be shocked and "what was that about?" would probably be the only thing on your mind if you were there. Thank God Roomie was there to witness it. The twisting of words and realities... I've always known that part but THAT was too much, way out of line, and so very the unnecessary. Seriously.

Having said that, and pissed as I was, I still went rushing after class (actually class was not even over yet) to couple of malls, just to look for party stuff - headband and netting to make a faux veil, plastic leis for the rest of the girls since hers is a beach wedding, and I also thought of getting cupcakes, but couldn't get the custom designed ones since I only found out a day before that this was going to be yet another hen night. I did think of just getting the plain ones and do the deco myself, but couldn't get those as well. I am still thinking if I should bother doing more damage to my already very dented purse to get some pretty cupcakes, at tis fancy lil cafe later. We'll see.

And having said all that, suffice to say that we, roomie and I, will slowly but surely be having a cool off period from the girl that I call my bestfriend after her wedding. It's sad, cos beneath the schizo thing, she can be a genuinely caring and generous person, but like I told Roomie, it just doesn't feel right anymore. It doesn't feel good bitching about someone you called your bestfriend. The only 2 things I've bitched about Roomie was probably just her temper and incessant whining, and she knows about it, cos I'll tell her. Sigh... ah well... what you gonna do? :)

Ok, with mega bitching session done, just want to wish fishboy (or is it prawnboy now?) and Raykz the very best of luck for their treasure hunt this weekend! Do great guys! I want to see you on tv! Hehe...

Ooh, I'll be going to one of my closest friend, Anees' wedding tomorrow. Anees was my Roomie after my now Roomie left to work in the neighboring island. :) So happy that she and her bf of 7 or 8 years finally made it do the pelamin. Congrats to Anees and Farid! May you guys have the most loving, lasting, and happy marriage!

P/S: Haha... I know I'll have to wish them in person again tomorrow cos I didn't give her the link to this site, but just wanna post it for everyone else to read... just because I am really That happy for her...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

~*heights of boredom... totally pointless...

If I have my way and the means, this is a list of what you can always find in my fridge, my giant fantasy fridge:-

1) New York Cheesecake from Secret Recipe
2) Light Coke
3) Wine coolers
4) Wine
5) Cheese - Haloumi, cheddar, babybels, ooh... Happy cow party cube/triangles are a MUST! Sorry Pimpy, tried Laughing cow but Happy cow still tiumphs! Haha... these cheese makers ran out of ideas for names??
6) Vege - lots of vege
7) Smoked salmon
8) French salad dressing
9) Chunks of prime cut steaks
10) Very pretty cupcakes
11) White truffles
12) Chocolates - all kinds
13) Dragon fruit + melon juice
14) Packet Milo
15) Fruit Yogurt
16) Apples
17) Cherry tomatoes
18) Nougat
19) Milk - the giant plastic container ones
20) Soy milk
21) Eggs - lots of eggs
22) Ice - lots of ice
23) Hasbrown
24) Bacon
25) Cesar salad dressing
26) Whole Chicken - I fantasized about roasting a chicken, go figure :p
27) Peanut butter
28) Butter
29) Sausages of all kinds
30) Frozen pratas
31) Frozen sweet dumpling
32) Mandarin oranges
33) Nutella
34) Herbs of all kind
35) Mille crepes
36) Mash potato + chicken chop from Food foundry - yumms...
37) Potatoes
38) Fish fingers
39) Iced coffee
40) Cherries
41) Burger patties
42) Lamb cuts/chops for making stew or feeding the housemate :D
43) Ham
44) Ice cream - I can't decide what flavors though... hmm...
45) Pies - sheperd, steak, chicken, mushroom... etc etc...
46) Left over chicken/mutton curry all thick and yummy!
47) Very fresh salmon cuts
48) Wasabe
49) Japanese sweet soy sauce
50) "Fat free" mayonnaise
51) Dark Pomfret - hehe... odd one out but so yums, pan fried and served with just a bit of light soy sauce... yumms! :)

Ok, I've run out of things to fill my fantasy fridge with, for now. And yes, I am that bored. The fantasy fridge thing popped into my head last night while I was having left over super yummy New York cheesecake (of cos!)
Anyways, till I reach another level of boredom... adios amigos... :p

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

~*what da qua...

Saw boy Aqua a couple of weeks ago when we went to Langkawi for a friend's hen party. Needless to say, the food, drinks etc. etc. flowed almost like there's no tomorrow (though I did payback tomorrow, and the day after, and after... yea 4 days in bed after the weekend). Anyways, that was not my story, back to Aqua. We were at a certain bar there and lo, who walked in but Aqua. Still there after a year and a half. And sadly (hahaha) no longer the cutey he once was. He got... horizontally challenged! (Haha... how's that for being political!)

He was surprised, and I was shocked. He said hi. I said hi. He asked you here on holiday? I said yes, and asked back you still here and not grad yet? Quite loser right? (Word by word, I swear. I never said I wasn't a b*tch) He smiled. I continued, wow you got fat, well I got fatter too, but at least i got girl boobs, you got man boobs. About this time an idiot friend of his, another lil boy pop up (yea pop up, cos he just appeared out of no where) and said hi, i am with him (Aqua). I looked at him, smiled and said hi back, I WAS with him, and I turned away. That felt good. Yes, cheap tiny thrill, but good feeling it was.

A couple of hours after we went back, I got a text from him. He said he was really sorry for what happened. He said he was a bastard. I couldn't agree more. I also can't help thinking about him the rest of our time there.
Silly woman, I am.

Just in case anyone wonders, nothing happened and nothing will ever happen, and I am quite sure that will be the last that I'll ever see of lil boy Aqua.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am a blogitive. I run from blogsite to blogsite. Just a couple of months back, I took my bitching to a new blog over at www.butterpop.net after the baconshop decided to block all sites with the word blog. Now a few months later, after some whiny user make a huge complain on certain blocked sites, we are once again able to access blog sites to our hearts content. However, with reasons that doesn't quite make sense to me, my butterpop has been blocked. And needless to say, I am now back to this bitching board again. Not that I am sad about it or anything, just annoyed since I actually paid for that domain...humphh...

Last weekend has been quite a scare for the nation I guess. While everyone wants a change and to "teach" the national front a lesson, a lot were really shocked at the outcome of the election. A lot if not everyone, did not expect such a huge landslide. And I am sure a lot of people couldn't sleep last Saturday, at least not until the national front got their simple majority, otherwise, they might wake up to very different (and probably chaotic) morning here in our "beloved" homeland. Thank god. We woke up to a pretty quiet morning after.

Personally, I am not a very political person, nor am I a die hard supporter of any political party. I actually quite despise politician. Having said that however, I of course did my part and exercised my voting rights, and I can't help but be overwhelmed by a huge wave of sadness, when my home state was lost to the opposition. I would be glad, expecting even, that they only lose their 2/3 majority, but no ... they lost the state. I know I know... with the new governing body, we have renewed hopes and faith, and I am quite hopeful that despite the expected bumps that might take place during the transition period, these political parties will spend the next 4 years doing their best to convince us, the people that we should be choosing them again (or whatever) in the next election, since the people has indeed proven that they do have a strong voice here. I am just sad to see a governing body that I've known all my life went down the drains and be taken over by the opposition, that's all.

Anyways, *chink chink* to a new and improved future...

To Princess Dandesinga, will try to update as frequently as I can, ok :p